The Competitive Edge In Sports

There are many different kinds of games throughout the world, but the commonality is that all sports are played between humans. It is called sports because it is essentially human interaction in a physical arena. Most sports can be categorized by level of play, such as games between teams. The rules governing each game usually only change slightly throughout the years, although there are some exceptions. When people talk about sports, the word competition usually comes to mind.

One of the main arguments against sports is that they are essentially games of physical competition, in which the players attempt to hit a ball with a bat, throw a ball, run and fight for supremacy and glory. Though most sports have some element of this, there is also a competitive nature to many sports, especially the ones that are most famous, such as football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics and track and field. Often, the competitive nature of sports is misunderstood as an element of the physical activity itself.

One of the most popular arguments against sports is that they are games of man versus nature, with human beings placing their own safety, as well as others, above the sport itself. Though most people would agree that there is room for danger in many sports, the truth is that most danger in sports is derived from the mind sports. When the mind takes precedence over the body, safety is often put on the forefront, when it should be the other way around.

In the US, the National Basketball Association has fined players several times for misconduct, such as talking while the ball is in play, disrespecting the ref, or using inappropriate language. Though the fines are not always serious, they send a message to players that the competition is not just about skill and physical activity, but rather about how you will act in competition. Many sports fans, especially those who follow college or professional sports, would likely find this example to be upsetting and unfriendly to the competitive nature of sports.

Some sports, such as American football and basketball, are governed by laws and rules that help to foster a competitive nature in the game. For example, rules are set up to allow for a fair play to occur, meaning that players are not permitted to deliberately hurt each other to gain an advantage. The rules also state that players may not use a weapon, or any kind of physical aggression, against another player. As you can see, the rules are put in place to foster fair play. Without these rules, sports could easily become violent due to unnecessary actions.

Perhaps no sports competition is more appealing to men than competition, especially sports that require physical dexterity. Although some may view these sports as games of chance, the fact of the matter is that most men look at a sport like a battle field, and they want to be physically fit and capable. Not only is a sport like baseball where a batter needs to throw the ball at a certain speed, but his total physical strength and endurance is needed to be successful. Many athletes strive to be the best athlete or sportsman that they can be. There is a direct correlation between the amount of money that someone makes and how much that person can improve their overall health and lifestyle. It is no surprise that athletes spend thousands of dollars every year in order to stay in shape and maintain their excellent physical health.